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Six-Packs & Pints could be available at Yalobrew soon...


We appreciate everything our fans continue to do for us and now we need you to contact your Mississippi State Senator & House Representative before the end of this week to ask them to support House Bill #1322.

The bill will allow limited onsite sales at your local neighborhood brewery.  This initiative is supported by the Mississippi Brewers Guild, the Mississippi Beer Distributors Association, the Mississippi Manufacturers Association, and the Mississippi Restaurant and Hospitality Association.

Out of the entire country, Mississippi is the last state who has no form of direct sale at breweries. "It will make Mississippi breweries more competitive in the rapidly changing and global beer industry, which will translate into capital investment and job creation for our Mississippi communities." *

We are asking you to contact your local state senator and please ask them to support this bill. Feel free to use the text below when sending an email or leaving a voicemail. 

Example of email or voicemail from you to your Senator or State Representative


[Senator or Representative][Last Name],

I'd like to express my strong support for the proposed HB #1322 which would significantly help Mississippi's brewing industry be more competitive with out-of-state breweries. As a Mississippi resident I like to see our local small business owners succeed, and I would like to see you help remove barriers for competition. I believe this bill will create jobs, increase tourism, and help Mississippi manufacturers grow their business more quickly. Please vote in favor of House Bill #1322.

[Street Address]
[City, State, Zip]

*Matthew McLaughlin, outside counsel to the Mississippi Brewers Guild

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